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On 22 April 2024, in the course of the BTC Halving event, we will announce the qualification criteria (whitelist) for the 50 million WSI reward pool. This exclusive opportunity is only open to WSI token holders who have registered on our waitlist. By joining our waitlist, you can also take part in our side promotion event where we will award an extra 1 million $WSI.

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Join our waitlist

Join our waiting list for important updates and a chance to win an extra 1 million $WSI in our side promotion event! 

Hold $WSI tokens

To participate, you must have $WSI tokens. If you don't have $WSI yet, you can buy WSI via Pancakeswap or the link here.

Get an email on 22 April

On 22 April, we'll send you an email with all the details on how you can participate in our epic 50 million WSI reward pool.